Wealth Management Services

Our objective is to protect and increase our clients' wealth by providing superior risk-adjusted returns over time.

Our Investment Principles

We believe investment strategies should be low cost, straightforward to explain and highly liquid. To us, good investment advice helps you make the right decisions today and tomorrow through its clarity, purpose and independence. Our wealth management services apply the following principles:

Global Marketplace

The world is a big place and fortunes vary from country to country. Successful investing therefore means avoiding proximity bias through thinking globally, not just domestically.

Asset Allocation

We add and protect value through periodic adjustments to the balance of each portfolio, increasing or reducing risk depending on our outlook.

Index Implementation

There is a huge weight of evidence to suggest that trying to beat a particular market or index through selectively picking certain stocks decreases your chances of success. That’s why we implement our investment strategies using index tracking funds.

Avoid Market Timing

Attempting to outmanoeuvre financial markets by timing your investments will likely lead to failure. There are many intelligent investors across the globe – trying to beat them through short term trading strategies has a low chance of success and increases fees.


We believe equities will deliver the long term returns investors need to stay wealthy in real terms. Holding some other safer investments is wise if it helps you to stay the course through the inevitable periods of market turmoil.

Costs Matter

Along with tax, they are the enemy of investor returns. William & Partners was set up in a nimble and flexible way to keep fixed costs low and pass these cost savings on to clients through reduced charges.

What we offer

William & Partners offers an integrated wealth management service. We will work out how best to approach your particular situation and then advise you accordingly, working with, or helping to appoint, other advisers to cover important matters such as tax.

You should expect us to have a relentless focus on the three key determinants of success in wealth management: fees, performance and service.

The value of investments (including property) and the income derived from them may go down as well as up and your capital is at risk.